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Certain times of the year bring on stronger emotions for me and this time makes no exceptions... With yesterday being Father's Day it stirs up a lot of emotions, not just for the fact that I lost my Dad to Cancer almost 18 years ago, but because I am so far away from my big brothers so I don't even have them around to celebrate with. So Mom and I make it a point of having a special celebratory dinner in honor of Dad each year and have things we believe he would have enjoyed. Each year the meal is different but the dessert is always the same, Baskin Robbins.

So this year we chose Burger King, because my Dad enjoyed their Whoppers. Following are uneventful dine in experience we headed down to BR to get a scoop of mine and Mom's favorite, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, topped with Dad's Favorite, Pralines and Creme. It always brings a smile to my face when we talk about old times with Dad and the fun we had. Sadly, sometimes I feel like those memories are fading for me, bec…


So 126 days in and 22 pounds down and feeling pretty good physically but mentally I am struggling within myself still on a daily basis and I know that will happen because I am human. I know I should be getting out there and exercising and working out and all sorts of things but right now mentally all I can handle is the dietary changes and tracking how many steps I am taking per day and on days like today when I barely broke 1500 I feel like I failed myself somehow. But on the flip side I was under my calories, just barely and I should be happy, but I guess it's just a case of the throwing other feelings I am going through into the container and slamming the lid shut on them kind of day to deal with them later.

Sometimes all you can do is take one step at a time and for me, my step is getting the calories under control. I still struggle with wanting to over eat and so I have to prepackage my breakfast and lunches for work and Mom and I menu plan our dinners so I know what to expec…