I find life funny... Well really people are...  We do so much to impress others from dressing better, or losing weight, or buying expensive toys, or bad mouthing others because you think it makes you look better... We put on a show... So very often we pretend to be someone we aren't to be friends with people that aren't worth the time of day because in the end you know that no matter how much BS comes out of their mouth saying I have your back or we are in this together, in the end it's just words. When they say actions speak louder than words, that is where my faith begins.

I believe God has gotten me through a lot in my 42 years of life, thanks to an amazing family and some extremely special friends. Ones I have known for years and a few I have only had the pleasure of knowing a short time. I have learned that the words of a friend are only as good as the actions that follow, because many of the so called friendships I thought I had were just friends by speech and not friends of action.

Friends of speech are ones that can talk a good game. They say all of the right things but in the end that's all they are. Empty words and no substance.

Then there is the friend that stands in the balance. They have the words and they are part action but they are only there for a short time. It's the friend God puts there for a moment. For a particular task in your life. Maybe it's for a growing lesson, but usually they are a memorable one but they aren't usually there forever.

The friends of action are the ones that can back up the talk. They are the ones that are there ready to hold your hand or give you a shoulder to cry on, even if it's thousands of miles away, or just on the other side of the corner...

Your action friends have the highest chance of becoming the best kind of friend... The forever kind... The one that is there for you through it all and you for them... These are few but you don't need a lot, because that's what a forever friend is all about...


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