It's been sometime since I have last written and I realized I was a lot happier and healthier when I was blogging.  As I was going through my photos from my holiday trip home I found this "wonderful" gem of me watching Brave in 3-D at my SIL's Dad's house and all I think is Wow, not my best look. And I have some work to do. But how does the year start off for me?  Aches, pains and sickness for the past week and now that I am finally feeling better, I am ready to get moving again and start doing something positive for myself so I don't have to start another year looking like this again.
     I was doing so well at the beginning of last year and then life and stress started getting the upper hand and in the end I came in last and the food came in first.
    Plus by the end of the year I was an emotional roller coaster letting the nasty ones in my life run my emotions instead of me taking a stand against them. Sadly sometimes when you are the only one standing up against them it makes it hard to win the battle or at least make it through it unscathed. Even when people stand on the sidelines and cheer, it isn't the same if they never pick up a sword and fight next to you for what is right. But with that being said, this year is going to be a very different one for me in many ways.
     New choices, new journeys, and if that means leaving some people behind than that's what is best for me, because in the end, it's what is best for my health and well being.
    A little while ago I did one of those silly facebook things about your word for the new year and mine in Happiness. So words like Happiness and Joy and Peace, those are the words I will focus on this year.
 So when the nasty ones try and rear their ugliness I will focus on being happy. On finding joy and focus on peace.  I will choose these things each day and I will not let them bring me down to their misery that they choose to wallow in. I willow not be the company for their misery that they desire. God put me where I am to bring a smile and to bring joy to others.  Only I can let them take my joy from me and only I can share that joy with them. And as we know it is much better to give...
A New year has come and I have returned...

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