There is nothing more worrisome than to have your text alert go off at 6:30 in the morning from a friend because you never know what it will bring... Well this morning it was news that she was not well and wouldn't be coming into work today... Well how did this effect me exactly? Well, she was training the class I am currently shadowing to facilitate... The class I have only shadowed once and have only read through the script, if you include my time in the class I attended at Work University and yesterday when I shadowed her that would equal the amount of times I have thus far actually read the entire script... So again, how does this effect me? Since I am sure Work has many people that train said class... Um well there is the rub... In our park there are exactly 6; my friend that called in, myself, 2 others still learning the class and 2 more that know the class but come in at or after the time the class is scheduled to start and there are 9 trainees enrolled to attend at 8:00 am.

So an hour and a half later I am greeting my first class... and I didn't look back until 11:00 am and let me tell you; sometimes all you can do is hold your nose, squeeze your eyes closed and jump in feet first to the deep end of the pool. This is a class I will never forget. They were engaging and happy to be taking on this new role. It was one of those groups that you could have sat and talked with for hours but sadly you are on a time schedule and you have to stick to it as best you can...

After the class I was downloading with my leader and I jokingly asked if I needed to do anymore shadows if I promised to work on memorizing the training script... She told me I was good...

and my happiness continued another day...

Trading my Sorrows

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