It was so nice to be back to work today. I do feel bad that a coworker/friend got a little scared when I sent her the following photo yesterday. Well the photo wasn't the scary part, the scary part was the fact that the photo never went through but the text following it did... Which read

"Having a cat scan to finally find out what's wrong with me"

 Did I mention I have been sick for the past week and I called out sick yesterday and went home sick on my last day of work last week AND missed work the day prior to that... Um January Jokes??? I can't be blamed that her phone wasn't accepting my picture message? Besides after she panicked at the text she ran to another coworker/friend and showed her my text which she promptly replied...well I won't quote her, but let's just say she
politely informed her that she may be slightly off her rocker (my words which are a little nicer than what may or may not have been actually said because I was not there and I am getting this second hand) because I had posted the photo on FB and Instagram earlier with the same tag, but since she is on neither she didn't see it. So all was good. :)

Here's something to be happy about!
A hearty guffaw will burn more calories than a nervous titter, but researchers at Vanderbilt University found adults burn an average of 1.3 calories per minute while laughing with their friends.  That’s about the same number of calories you burn while taking notes in a classroom or standing and talking on the phone.  But laughter has other benefits besides burning calories, including relief of emotional stress and a  workout for the muscles of the diaphragm, abdomen, back, and shoulders.

 Remember, Happiness and Joy are the words for the year! Laughter gets the old metabolism going so find something that tickles your funny bone and get to giggling!

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