I went and saw the movie "Annie" tonight with BFF... I have heard mixed reviews but I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed it... I love the original movie but this was a fresh take on an old classic... Quvenzhane Wallis was so good as Annie and I loved Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz..

There is an incredible moving song towards the end of the movie sung by Annie, Mr Stacks and Ms. Hannigan...

Who am I, what have I become?
Do I stand for something, or for money?
Who am I, where's my good girl gone?
You know I had a good heart once, you see.

Who am I, now that my armor's gone
I gave you what I didn't know I needed.
Who am I, now that my heart has won?
I didn't know I need....anyone.

But I've got today, I've got to make,
The best I can of it.
'Cause yesterday is dead and gone,
And me along with it.

I want to start again, so I'll look within
Remember when I'd want in?
'Cause I don't know who I've become
But I will trust in it.
But I will trust in it. 

Who am I to spend my life alone?
Forever looking for some place to call home.
Who am I, about to meet myself?
This should feel right but something don't.

I will trust in it (10x)
But today, I've got to make,
The best I can of it.
'Cause yesterday is dead and gone
And me along with it
I want to start again (spoken and sung)

I feel like this song spoke volumes to me... So very often I find myself making these huge plans and something happens and I begin to doubt myself... That maybe I failed at this same thing before and what makes me think I can do it for certain this time...I need a reminder that yesterday is gone and I need to leave it as such... I need to work for today and what is to come tomorrow... 


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