Day 679...Year 2

I am thankful for being reunited with old friends...

This is such a whirlwind weekend... I have to admit it is nice to get to relax while waiting to attend my borrowed sister's wedding tomorrow...To have the opportunity to see new places and share them with my Mom... I am sad that we aren't getting to spend more time with BFF, but he's a part of the wedding party and it is HIS baby sister getting married so it's OK, plus he promised me at least one dance at the reception...

So.... Bucket List update!!!

My Holiday Bucket List:
Write and mail a letter to Santa...
Have an Advent Calendar (preferably from Germany)
Go and have my picture taken with Santa Claus
String Popcorn (I've never done it)
Go see the Christmas Lights at Fort Wilderness
See the Candle Light Procession
See it Snoap in Celebration
See the Castle Lighting (haven't seen it in a few years)
See the Osbourne Family Christmas Lights
Make handmade Christmas cards
Not skip over Thanksgiving decorating (Yes, there is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas)
Be thankful...

Santa and the Mrs. in their off season home...


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