Day 648...Year 2

Why is it that when a young star does something inappropriate by most people's standards, others make excuses for them like, oh they are growing up or it's kids these days...  Maybe I'm a prude or getting old, but I just don't understand why these 20 somethings think they need to suddenly show their "maturity" by acting like idiots... My favorite is when even their parents "support" them via social networks... If I had acted like some of these "celebri-tots" do when I was their age, my parents would not have jumped to applaud me for being an "individual" or my "talent." 

If you are truly talented, why all the gimmicks? Why do they need to act like a thug, or stripped down to nothing but a smile to prove they are talented? If you are truly something special, let your talent speak for you... That's why I love Contemporary Christian artists... Yes I enjoy the worshipful music but I love the modesty, letting the music and the words of the songs speak to me... I enjoy pop music too... I love singers like Alicia Keys and Adele... They don't have to go to extremes to impress people to listen to their music... 

I was alive before MTV, I know what it was like to hear a song on the radio and then buy the record and later the cassette tape... I didn't need publicity stunts to get me to enjoy a performer... 

It's funny, we were watching The X Factor tonight and there was this girl group that was made up of two 13 year old and a 12 year old, and they performed a Pop song and the performance really reminded me of Destiny's Child... In the end Simon wasn't sure if he was going to keep them and he said he wasn't going to base his decision on the flashy and not very strong performance from tonight, but base it on their first audition, which was of the National Anthem done a Capella.... No extras just a pure vocal performance that received a standing ovation...


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