Day 647...Year 2

I had a great day meeting 4 new cast for my locations... I was able to pick them up from their Park tour and take them to their locations so they could meet the chef, since they are culinary... It was nice because listening to the chef talk to them at their first meeting I am not only learning more about my new cast member, but I am also learning more about the processes my culinary cast go through each day...

I have watched Hell's Kitchen for many seasons and short of the language that is bleeped, the respect for the Chef is real... My cast were yes Chef and no Chef... It was very much like the military... When you address a senior ranking official it isn't, "Hey Bob, what's up?" "It's good morning, Sir or Good morning  Colonel..."
It's just so very different...

And it's a part of my new home...

Do you think people are afraid to bring treats for the Chef???

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