Day 619...Year 2

I heard this great line on Touched by an Angel tonight... The young girls lost her father to cancer and Monica told her, "You didn't have him for a lifetime, you had him for the right time..."

This time of year is always a little rough for my family... In 1998 my Dad's battle with cancer came to an end on September 13... Then just 3 short years later, our nation was rocked to it's foundations on 9/11...

When times are hard like this all I can do is look up and give it all to God...

Now going back to the quote... It is very true... Sometimes we are only meant to have people in our lives for a season... Whether they are friends that you need for a time and then you go your separate ways, or a loved one you lose... You need to remember the impact they made on you life and the good that came from them... And each year you will mourn them less and celebrate what they meant to you more...


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