Day 613...Year 2

As much as I am trying to not think about it, the mental count down is happening to leaving Typhoon for Epcot... The closer I get the anxiety kicks a little higher... Every day I feel like I have to tell someone else about my leaving and I hear incredibly kind words... My favorite response so far came from one of my bartenders that also interviewed for the same role... She shadowed me in preparation for her interview two weeks ago tomorrow (Thursday), before I was called to interview the following day... I wasn't sure what her response would be when she found out I was getting the role, so I was hesitant to tell her... Well yesterday I ran into her in the break room and I knew I needed to tell her I would be leaving and she grabbed me, pulled me outside and excitedly gave me the biggest hug... She told me she was so happy for me and she was glad it was me getting the role... She shared a few others things and that was that...

Today my leader sent out an email about my leaving to a few members of the leadership team I work with and one of the managers responded back with a resounding Boo... It makes me feel so good to know I made a difference...

And I am equally excited to go and make a difference in another area...


Don't worry Mama Clairol 110, I won't turn out like you know who... ;)

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