Day 605...Year 2

It's amazing how slapping on a little color can change the way you feel...

Last Friday I was called for a last minute interview and just by chance I threw on some makeup... When I got to the interview I saw many of my friends/ Disney Family members and were told how nice I looked... Well of course, when you hear something like that it makes you smile a little bigger and stand a little taller and if I do say so, I killed in that interview...

Well, every day since then I have taken time in the morning to put on a little makeup and I realized how much I missed it... Back when I worked for the Ad agency and then Lane Bryant, I dressed to impress and I wore my MAC to complete the look, but once I moved south to the humidity capital, I said so long Cover Girl...

When I told BFF that I had been wearing makeup for the past 5 days, he asked me how it made me feel and you know what... In the past I would have just said, "Why bother, it's just me in color..." But now, it makes me feel just great... It makes me feel like I am more put together... That it's not just me in color but in stunning Techni-color!!!


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