Day 549...Year 2

I love the daily showers we are experiencing but I don't like the cerebral effects I am experiencing... Head ache two days in a row... :(

And thus, naps three times so far this week... It's not that I don't enjoy them its just the weird dreams that are accompanying them... You are probably like, wow, dreams during a nap? Well my naps aren't just a 20 minute snooze... I have always been a long napper... So because of these super naps I have been having these vignette dreams...

Something else I have noticed is that I am having much more vivid dreams at night... For awhile I wasn't dreaming at all and I was told it was probably due to the extra happiness I take on top of the old happiness... So I don't know what is different...

Well, I guess that is all I have to ponder for today... My dreams are calling...

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