Day 514...Year 2

The older I get the sassier I become... Just ask my co-workers... I have been a special blend of sassy this week... Maybe it's exhaustion, maybe it's insanity... Maybe it's a little bit of both, but I can give it as well as I can take it...Despite the longer work week for me, I am having a great time and getting projects done and getting back into the swing after taking the week long vacation...

Sometimes we need a little holiday to clear our minds and look at things from a different perspective to realize just how happy we are... I had to take a cast member over to costuming this morning and I was telling him all the great things about Typhoon and at one point he said, it sounded like I was doing an interview for Disney to recruit people... I think I may have blushed a little but then I said, "Well, I really do love it THAT much..." Which made him smile and laugh...

Sometimes you need to spread your joy around to others... When we are happy and enjoying life, it is infectious... ;)

Love, peace and spread it around...


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