Day 501...Year 2

What a day... Up at 4:30am (eastern), got ready packed up the car, kissed the kittens good bye and headed for the airport... Checked our luggage, got our boarding passes and proceeded to passenger screening... Wen up to the TSA agent and handed her my boarding pass and ID... She looked at it and looked at me and that's when it hit me... I hadn't handed her my drivers license... Do you see where this might be going? She said, "Now that I know where you work, can I see your drivers license?" I looked at her, hand over my license and replied, "Well, now you know why, I need a vacation..." Smiles and giggles all around...

Had a pretty uneventful and quite flight and then we were here... Home sweet home... Back in the town where I grew up... After the bathroom, the baggage claim and the rental car place it was straight to White Castle!!! I'm sorry southerners, Krystals are NOT the same...

A trip to Wallies, and then to the hotel to check in and unpack... Then we were off again, collecting my sis-in-law and my nephew we headed to The Spaghetti Factory and then for the first time in Mom and their lives, we went on a Horse and Carriage tour of Laclede's Landing, the waterfront and some of downtown...It was so wonderful to see the wonder and excitement in their eyes as we explored the city in a new and different way...

After a photo with our driver and Dollar the horse it was off to Ted Drewes for some frozen custard... It really is good guys...

Thank you BFF for the ride and Z for wrangling the babies for us while we are gone... Enjoy the peace and quiet in your vacation home ;)

Love, peace and Go Cards!!!

White Castle
The Old Spaghetti Factory
Ted Drewes

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