Day 459...Year 2

I don't have many pet peeves in my life, but I think the one thing that truly bothers me the most, is that I have family members that even after almost 40 years, they can't spell my name correctly...I know people are used to spelling my name with a y, but this is family, flesh and blood...

One my 5th anniversary certificate at work, they spelled my name incorrect... It's funny when people send me emails at work or messages online and my name is spelled out for them but when they go to type me a message, they butcher it...

I think that is why I always double check name spellings and pronunciations... If they aren't misspelling my first name they are butchering my last name... It's funny because I have stopped correcting people on my last name, but my first name.... It's different and special and kind of unique, like me :)

Love, peace and no "y" just "ee",

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