Day 433...Year 2

Day 6 of the cleanse went well... Mom and I spent the day shopping for healthy foods on our healthy menu... Really enjoying the fish and lentils we have had the last two days... However, cant wait to have chicken again, but we are planning on having fish at least once a week now and cutting back on sweets, red meat and processed foods.... Fresh is best... Physically I am feeling pretty good, just tired because it's the end of the day... Doing a cleanse isn't for everyone, but I am glad we are doing it...

I was aware of portion sizes before but now I am really aware of them... We have even started eating on smaller plates... If you think about a burrito at Qdoba, it is enough to feed at least two people, but we all insist on eating the whole thing ourselves... On average it is anywhere upwards of 1200 calories... I'm not saying don't go to eat there, I am just saying make wiser choices when you go...

I need to keep myself accountable on this, because in the past I have said, alright I am going to be healthy and eat right and all the other things that come with it and then a few days in I fall off the wagon and hit every bump in the row... Not this year... I am going to have a milestone birthday this year and I have a goal weigh in mind and I am going to reach it and celebrate!!!

Love, peace and fresh is best...

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