Day 423...Year 2

I have the heard the story many times of how Walt and Lily were riding a train back to California when Walt drew Mickey for the first time and I wonder, did he realize the scope and the reach of this one little mouse... That almost 85 years later Mickey would be known world wide by many names in many languages...
  • Arabic -Mickey
  • Bulgarian -Miki Maus
  • Czech -Mickey Mouse
  • Danish -Mickey Mouse
  • German -Micky Maus
  • Greek -Mikki Maous
  • Spanish (in Spain) -El Ratón Mickey  
  • Estonian -Miki Hiir
  • Finnish -Mikki Hiiri
  • Faeroese -Mikkjal Mus
  • French -Mickey
  • Hungarian -Miki Egér
  • Indonesian -Miki Tikus
  • Icelandic -Mikki Mús
  • Italian -Topolino
  • Flemish -Mickey Mouse
  • Dutch -Mickey Mouse
  • Norwegian -Mikke Mus
  • Polish -Myszka Mikey | Miki
  • Portuguese -Mickey Mouse
  • Russian -Mikki Maus
  • Serbo-Croatian -Miki Maus
  • Slovak -Mysiak Mickey | My`'sjak Miky
  • Swedish -Musse Pigg
  • Turkish -Miki
  • Chinese -Mi Lao Shu
Yet the face and his smile are still the same... It amazes me to see his legacy live on the way it has after all of these years... He has left his foot print on our hearts... I am feeling very sentimental today... I did the park tour and looked around at my new location with different eyes... You may even say it was with new eyes... I looked at the detail that was put into every nook and cranny as we walked around and learned the history and story of the park... It made me appreciate the work that was put into it even more... 

I know I have been talking about my Legacy a lot, but it's because I know this position isn't forever, but while I am in it I want to make a change to the world around me... To help raise leader expectations for the role I am in... To push my co-workers to be better at what they do and in the end, make the overall experience for my new and old cast a better one...

Love, peace and living the Legacy, 

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