Day 405...Year 2

Alright, first and foremost, an update on my interview... It went really well... I met with two different training managers, one for water parks and the other for one of the value resorts... They asked me about myself and then asked me 10 questions... I was told that the interview would count for the next 30 days, meaning, if I don't get the TA at water parks I could get one at the resort... The way I look at it is even if I don't get it at either, I feel like I had a pretty decent interview... I am going to send a thank you email to both tomorrow and ask if there is any feedback they can give me for future interviews... So, NO, I haven't heard anything back yet... ;)

The rest of my day was a celebration of my friend "Belle's" birthday... We met up at the Studios to see "Beauty and the Beast" and ride Great Movie Ride and then traveled to MK to finish off the day at Beast's Castle for dinner... Even though it got chilly out, a great time was had by all...

My one regret of the day is that I have a tendency to set myself up for disappointment when it comes to certain people in my life... Where most people would simply except things I allow it to eat me up inside and allow it to cause me heartache and pain... I know I am only human, but I am tired of allowing myself to feel that hurt over minor things...

Love, peace and wiping away the tears...

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