Day 402...Year 2

One day I was walking, having a talk with God...

I said, "God, why did you make dandelions? They are just a weed and have no greater purpose but to clutter my other wise green lawn with it's deep roots and staining juices when I yank them out."

And His reply was, "They can bring giggles and smiles.  They are the perfect flower for a child's bouquet for their Mother in the spring and in the fall they turn to puffy wisps that they can be blown on, sending hundreds of dancing pixies in the sky. What you may see as a hindrance, another may see as joy."

After a few moments of pondering His answer, I continued...

"God, why do you allow disappointment to come into our lives?"

He smiled down at me and said, "Oh dear one... If I gave you everything your heart desired you would have more than you would know what to do with and even things you really don't need. When you are disappointed in the outcome of a situation, it allows you to grow and push forward to become the best person you can be or it can help you realize you may not be on the right path. Disappoint allows you to find your true hearts desire."

Love, peace and finding your true heart's desire...

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