Day 385...Year 2

I received an instant message last night from a friend... He was a trainee last summer and we were instant pals... He was back in town and was going to be working tonight at my park and asked if I would be around... I told him I would be and when I was off work I went to the location and waited for him to come in... I haven't been in this particular location in a few weeks so when I walked into the cast area everyone I came in contact with was so sweet and so nice, making me feel like a family member that was home after being away on a trip...

Well, just before he was about to be late for his shift he came walking in cool as a cucumber and clocked in, but not before getting a huge smile on his face and giving me a big hug... We were only able to chat for a few minutes but it was so nice to see him again... So very often, in my line of work, we meet people and we think we have created these amazing bonds, but once they leave you just end up with a lot of FB friends, but not "actual" friends... Thankfully, I believe this friendship is an actual one... How do I know? After over five years of meeting thousands of new "friends", I have become kind of an expert at knowing when the feelings of friendship are genuine and when that person is, pardon the expression, blowing smoke up my bum... ;)

Love, peace and watch out for smoke signals...

Good luck on your new job, B-NY! See you on your next time down...

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