Day 375...Year 2

So, I am in a strange place tonight... I am not sure what to write about... So I text BFF to ask him what I should write about... The conversation looked like this... (ignore the spelling errors)

Me: I dobt know what to write
BFF: Hmmmn...
Me: maybe I should take the nite off
BFF: :O NO!!!!
Me: why, I made it one year
BFF: Lol.
BFF: Because its good for you and u inspire hundreds of people
BFF: Talk about your dreams
BFF: Your wishes
BFF: How pretty I am
BFF: Lol

So, with his encouragement... I am still at a loss for words...

Sometimes when you have a lack of words, that is when God is wanting you to be silent and to listen... You learn a lot more about questions in your heart when you are silent and listen, than when you talk through the answer...

Love, peace and silence...

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