Day 364 of 365 366

I can't believe this year is quickly coming to a close... We have survived so much this year... Hurricane's, the Mayan Apocalypse, Miley half shaving her head and Snooky having a baby...

But I have done so many new things that I can now mark off of my Bucket list... Let's see what those things are...

1. I ate at a raw bar...oysters on the half shell!!! Yummy!!! 2. I received my first real massage! 3. I got a hidden Mickey tattoo... 4. I went to my 1st midnight showing of a movie... Snow White and the Huntsmen 5. I changed clothes outside in a public place... :D 6. I saw World of Color at Disney's California Adventure!!! 7. I went BLONDE!!!! 8. I got acupuncture and I liked it so much I kept going!!! 9. I did my 1st Jaeger Bomb... and my 2nd through 5th :D 10. I competed in my 1st 5K race!!!

There are several other things I want to do next year and the list keeps growing...My bucket list isn't a mission to see what all I can do before I kick the bucket, but to see how much i can fill my bucket with new exciting adventures...and no, I won't be repeating the blonde adventure...

Love, peace and fill your bucket... Musicsongbird

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