Day 360 of 365

Christmas gifts have been unwrapped and half the candy from the stocking devoured, the tour of Christmas lights complete... Now it's time to rest... Until Thursday when I get to do it all again!!!

I had the great joy in spending part of Christmas in Christmas, Florida today! Not much there but very friendly people... I love taking the little hour long drives to different places that I have never been, just to explore... As I look back on the adventures of this past year I have gone from Coast to Coast, not only here in Florida but also in the United States... We took a day trip to Cocoa and traveled Highway A1A then jumped Coasts and traveled to Camarillo, California... We made the trip to Madeira Beach and again back to Cocoa... I also went home to St. Louis and up to Illinois to see my family and friends... Then off to North Carolina, South Carolina and Savannah to get a gift for a friend... What a year of exploring I have done and I am not quite finished...

Who knows where the year will take me? But no matter where it is, no matter how far or near, I will enjoy the journey and make magical memories to remember throughout the years...

Love, peace and enjoy the journey...

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