Day 353 of 365

Perception is so hard to get around... We can't always know how someone else will perceive our actions... The definition of perception is: immediate or intuitive recognition...

So, if I ask my Mom how long it takes to bake cookies and she responds 8-10 minutes... My perception is that in 8-10 minutes I should have hot cookies out of the oven... When in reality it could take a lot longer to get them... She needs to assemble her ingredients, does she have everything she needs? She needs to combine the ingredient and pre-heat the oven...Then she will need to put them on the cookie sheets to bake... Once all that is complete then it may be an additional 8-10 minutes before the cookies come out of the oven... So was she wrong to say it will take 8-10 minutes to bake some cookies?

Well, no, she was simply answering the question I had asked her... But if we ask that question and then it takes her almost an hour to bake the cookies, who is in the wrong??? If I wanted more specific information I should have asked her for it... We can't always assume when we ask someone a question they are seeing it in the same way that we are... We all communicate differently and sometimes we needs to ask for additional information to verify we are on the same page or that everyone has understanding of the question before we accept the answer given as fact...

Love, peace and that's how I see it...

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