Day 342 of 365

Today is a day that will live in infamy... 71 years ago, the United States was attacked by Japan without warning... 

In just 110 minutes time the following things happened:
 - 2,335 US Servicemen lost their lives
 - 68 US Civilians lost their lives
 - 65 Japanese fighters lost their lives
 - 1,143 Servicemen were wounded
 - 35 US Civilians were wounded
- The Arizona exploded when a bomb breached it's forward ammunition hold
              - Approximately 1,100 Servicemen died on board
- After being torpedoed, the Oklahoma listed so badly it turned upside down
- USS Utah was sturck on the port side but what was believed to be 3 torpedos and was sunk. It was later rolled over to clear the channel but was left on the bottom
- 21 Ships of the US Fleet were either sunk or damaged
- 188 US Aircraft were destroyed, 159 damaged, the majority were hit before they could take off

We must never forget...

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