Day 338 of 365

I love tinkering and taking things apart... Today I got to take apart the vacuum cleaner to replace the belt... I was never taught how to do these things by Dad or Brothers, I just read the directions and went from there... I would love to be able to build something on my own... I have my own drill, well actually I think it's both Mom and mine, but it's a power drill none the less... I want to build something from start to finish and see it through...  My Dad was good at building things like Shelves and he cut out and painted the wonderful snow family we have in our front yard for the winter season... He also built my most favorite Christmas decoration... Santa kneeling at Baby Jesus's manger...

I would also love to learn how to change the oil on my car... Not that I would do it, I would miss my friends at Pep Boys. ;-)

Now I just need to find someone to teach me...

Love, peace and Any Volunteers???

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