Day 330 of 365

The smell of Christmas is in the air... I spent the afternoon putting up our outside Christmas display and it is almost complete... I love this time of year, not just because it is celebrating Christs birth, but it's the time of year when people young and old make an effort to be nicer to others and to do more for others less fortunate... It's a little sad that people don't do more all year round but at least they make an effort during the Christmas holiday season...

At work I have the pleasure of heading up our toy collection in the trailer for Toys for Tots... So far the box is pretty empty, but I am hoping that people added a few toys to the black Friday purchases and are bringing them in this week... I am vowing to not go out to eat for lunch for the next two weeks so I can purchase a few new and unwrapped toys to donate... If everyone in our trailer brought in just 1 toy, including our core teams, we would collect over 37 toys... That would be amazing!

Let's all make a choice for this upcoming year, let's choose to be more generous... Not just by donating money to different charities... Let's be more generous with our time as well... Take time to volunteer... Offer to help a neighbor clean up their yard... Offer to babysit for a friend that doesn't get much alone time with their spouse... Offer to take a friend to lunch (your treat), be a good listened to a friend that just needs to talk, but give of yourself...

Love, peace and be generous....

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