Day 327 of 365

What a magically fun day... My Co-workers came together and had an impromptu breakfast, seeing Santa arrive at Macy's to kick off the holiday, 99 cent turkey dinner, a cast preview trip on the newly reimagined Test Track and then an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner at my BFF's with Mom.

I am so thankful that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and for my Mom and her being here with me, and for BFF being here to take care of us and for my wonderful family. I am so thankful for the opportunities I have experienced since moving here and I know this TA is just the beginning.

Even though it is ending in a little over 2 weeks, I know I have learned a lot of things that are going to help me in my next TA, when it comes. I am focused and I am ready... The coolest thing that has happened since I found out that my TA is ending, is that some of my current co-workers are genuinely sad that this TA is ending.

Love, peace and Big things are coming...

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