Day 322 of 365

Yesterday I found out that my TA as a COT is coming to an end. My predecessor has been reinstated and will beginning their new role tomorrow at one of the resorts and the person that was in that position will be coming to Epcot. I have three more weeks before I return to the wonderful world of Core Training.

It has been an amazing 2 month learning experience that I am sad to see end. Thankfully I won't be leaving Epcot,since it is my home and thankfully I will still be working with my area, just on the training level. I assure d them that I would still stay on top of what is happening in the area. My training team in the area is sad to see me go, but I believe they are all hoping that another opportunity comes my way. In a perfect world it would be returning to them as their COT and I won't say that isn't possible, because, Praise God, nothing is impossible.

So, for the next three weeks I will continue to do my job to the best of my ability and pray that my next opportunity to be a COT isn't far away...

Love, peace and patience...

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