Day 320 of 365

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!!! The weather has taken a turn for the cooler temperatures today... 63 brrrrrr....  It was one of those days that's kinda blah and over cast, sprinkles hanging on throughout and you just want to curl up with your warm blanket on the couch, have a nice spot of tea or hot cocoa and maybe take a little nap with the cats...

But I didn't get to do any of that...Instead I got to have an adventure at my favorite job in the world... I dared to go where only CP's and ICP's dare to go...Vista Way...and I lived to tell about it... Actually I was a part of the team that welcomed the new International College Program arrivals from Brazil! It was really fun and quite exciting for me... This is what be with training is all about! Getting to greet those first cast members that are coming through our doors and let them know we are one big happy dysfunctional family here!

Love, peace and share the love...

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