Day 315 of 365

I did it!!!! I completed my first 5K! It was so fun. I couldn't have done it without my sponsor (you know who you are) and my walking partner, Vicki, we were able to complete the course in 49 minutes, our time from the starting line, 1:01 hours from the actual start of the race. I have to say the first mile was the hardest, but once we saw that first mile marker we were cruising.

When people say Run Disney does it best, they weren't kidding. Along the route there were characters like, Baloo and Santa Goofy, Parade performers and petting zoo animals... It was fun to see Animal Kingdom from a different perspective...

I am already thinking about the next one, but I did learn some important things for the next time... I need to drink lots of water leading up to the race, even when it's cold you can still still get dehydrated, so water will travel with me... Walking is fun and I need to do it more, even if the weather is less than ideal...

I wish I could say I was great after the race, in fact I was pretty sick. Migraine city, which resulted in me sleeping for most of the day and I am still tired, bit at least I can make it better for next time...

Love, peace and Run Disney!

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