Day 311 of 365

What a crazy year this has been and it isn't over until the last vote is counted... I have something to admit and I can't believe I am say it, but after voting in my 6th Presidential Election I think it is time to say it... This is the first time I feel completely confident in who I voted for... I even watched one of the debates, which i never would have done in the past...

I have learned another important thing this year... I am far from keeping myself well informed of things around our world... If the media would chill on things, I believe more people would be more educated about who or what they are voting for or against... Most people rely strictly on the political ads or which party the person is a member for their "knowledge" on the candidates, instead of looking at what the person has done... What they stand for, if they were in the position before or a similar one then what they did for us to make our country better... If I am going to vote then I can't just vote because this candidate "feels" this way about women or they "feel" this way about gay marriage. I need to weigh the pros and cons and vote for the one that will represent our country best...

Isn't that what we all really want anyway? For someone to believe in our country as much as we do?

Love, peace and God Bless America...

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