Day 308 of 365

Tonight I watched a great gospel documentary about Elvis. I knew he had performed a few Gospel songs but I guess I really didn't realize that he actually sang Gospel music in his free time, after shows in between filming scenes in movies and while he was growing up . I enjoy Elvis's music, but now I appreciate his talent even more seeing footage of him behind the scenes and hearing the stories told about him by those who knew him. For so long all I knew in the end is that he had played hard and died hard, but what I learned from the documentary was that he was there to perform for his fans. He was a much more spiritual man than I knew and his famous hip moves were learned by watching a member of a gospel group perform as he was growing up. 

Watching this also brought to mind how we allow media to dictate what we think of celebrities and such. My co-worker and I were talking about how with the elections, that they shouldn't be allowed to have such negative campaigns. That is there are commercials they must be about the candidate, made by the candidate and if they want to call out each other on things, wait for the debate where they can either deny or defend their actions. I bet elections would look a lot different if we would rely on the facts versus what others say are the facts. Maybe that would force politicians to actually be truthful and we can hold them more accountable. Just a thought...

Love, peace and just the facts ma'am...

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