Day 299 of 365

Crazy day at work, really made me realize how much a COT has to go through sometimes to get things done right... It can be stressful at times but in the end, it's all about getting the cast trained to share the magic...

I had a great time being a big kid tonight with my BFF. We went to Disney Quest, and what it is is a giant indoor amusement park of sorts. They have video games and virtual reality games and animation classes and it's just hours of fun packed into 5 floors.

Tonight just reminded me why playing is such an important part of our lives... We spend our entire childhood playing and using our imaginations and then we become teenagers and then twenty somethings and than thirty and so on until we meet the end of our days... It's just so sad to see people that forget how to play. You can tell who they are, they are the ones that walk around with a bitter outlook on life and the world around them.

Last night my youngest nephew paid me the hugest compliment... He told me I was the oldest big kid he had ever met. For me I name this the year of playing! I want to go out and enjoy life to it's fullest... Whether it's playing with the Wii with Mom after work, or taking a few hours to run around Disney with my gal pals or having a water war with my BFF when we are trying to wash down the siding on the house, I never want to forget how to play...

Love, peace and PLAY...

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