Day 298 of 365

Long ago in a town far far away, a most wonderful event occurred... a young man and woman, after years of trying welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world.... ME!

That's right, it is my birthday today and it was quite magical! I began the day finding a lovely letter written to me by my Mom telling just how much she loves me and how proud she is of me. I also was greeted at work by many wishes of a happy day and a few boisterous serenades of Happy Birthday to you!!!

Alas, I also had to wish a See You Real Soon to one of my favorite Norwegian trainers and received a lovely gift for myself and my mentor to hang in our office. It made me proud to be a Disney Trainer.
To top off my evening I was able to have dinner with my Mom and my BFF at the Grand Floridian Cafe. It was delicious and I enjoyed trying the new restaurant very much. I had a burger with Lobster on it... and had my favorite dessert of all time as my "birthday cake", Boston Creme Pie...

Love, peace and here's to another year...

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