Day 291 of 365

What a great day! About a month ago I googled cupcakes and found this company called The Wild Cupcake and so I visited their website, which in turn brought me to their Facebook page and I started following it in my news feed. About a week and a half ago, Nicole, the owner of The Wild Cupcake announced she was going to be on Cup Cake Wars this past Sunday. Due to circumstances with family I was unable to watch but I was able to view the repeat on Tuesday evening... Of course because of FB I knew Nicole had wowed the judges with no criticisms and came home as the winner. Well, as luck would have it, Nicole and I were in the same place at the same time today and I was able to meet and talk with her and sample a few of her delicious cupcakes!

She shared with me that she has only really been baking cupcakes for a little over 18 months, which is astonishing to hear when you see, smell and taste her different flavor combinations. It just proves that when you are passionate about something in your life, even the biggest dreams can become reality.

Please join me in congratulating Nicole Costa for winning Cupcake Wars and who knows, maybe we will see her again for Cupcake Wars Champions episode!!!

To see more about her Cupcake, Cakes and Whoopie Pies visit

Love, peace, keep calm and have a cupcake!

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