Day 287 of 365

I really enjoy going through my news feed on FB and seeing all of the crazy posts people put up. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they make me sad and sometimes they inspire. One such post did that today or better yet it reminded me of what I have been working at this past year.

In the past, so very often I heard myself say how much I hated my life. That I wish I could run away and hide, that I was just not happy with where I was at... Something I have learned over the past 5 years of being at Disney and being on my own for the first 3, is that I would often rely on others to tell me what was best for me. I would get so wrapped up in what others were telling me I should do with my life, that I wasn't making the choices for me, but I was making them based on what others wanted for me. Does that make sense?

In one situation I had a leader trying to push me into a role I didn't have the desire to do, and I had almost agreed and moved forward into it, but another opportunity came around that excited me. The Core Trainer position... And now 4 years later I am living out my next choice, being a COT (Coordinator of Training). Had I taken the original position I would have missed out on so many things that I have experienced since.

Like I have said before, Life is a series of adventures that makes up the journey that we call life. When i get to the end of my journey I don't want to wish I had done everything different. I know sometimes I can make bad choices, I have made a ton. But I want them to be MY bad choices not the choices others have made for me.

For some maybe the choice is to change your scenery...At Disney that is pretty easy to do, transfer locations or lines of business...With over 6,000 job classifications there is so much to see, learn and do. For others, maybe it's changing who you socialize with... If you hang with people that are always negative, find a group of people that are happy. If you are feeling unhappy with you, maybe find someone to talk to. There is no shame in asking for help. You may not think you need it but maybe a therapist will help you gain perspective on things, where friends or family will just impose their views on you.

But nothing will get better if you don't take that first step..
Love, peace and better choices

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