Day 286 of 365

Sometimes people say stupid things. I mean, I say stupid things all the time. But the stupid things I am referring to are the hurtful, stupid things. The things people say that normally you could brush off, but when you are feeling vulnerable they really hit home.

 There are days that I am feeling down and I am just wanting to feel better about myself and someone makes a wise crack about my size and all it does is push me farther into my downward spiral for the day. Then I start feeling bad about myself and my situation and I just want to run away and hide. This is when I have good friends that I can call and tell them how I am feeling and they are there to pick me up and stand up for me and make me smile and remind me that when someone has to pick on someone else's insecurities it just means that that person really doesn't think much of them self and the only way they can feel better is by tearing someone else down. What a sad existence that must be.

So remember, the next time someone makes a snotty remark about you...

Love, peace and you are beautiful, just the way you are...

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