Day 280 of 365

Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers for sweet Zazzy. She is doing really well tonight. Running around and playing and eating like a kitten should...

On my way home this evening I stopped at a local chain grocery store, where shopping is a pleasure. They pride themselves on friendly service and they are one of the few grocery chains I know of that still offer to take your bags out to your car. Tonight I only purchased three small items and the young woman bagging up my groceries took hold of my cart with my bag inside and began to push it towards the exit. I told her that it wasn't necessary but she insisted and she stated, "it's a part of my job."

As we were walking out she explained to me that most people turn down the offer, so she has just begun pushing the cart out so that the customer will allow her to do her job. After we arrived at my car I thanked her for her assistance and I headed towards home.

Years ago, people were happy to have someone help them to their car, but now we have gotten to the point that we don't want anyone to go out of the way for us, even though what they are offering is a free service. I think some people are skeptical of offers like those because they feel like they have to tip,even though they don't accept tips. So, this is definitely something I will ponder and when I am offered their assistance in the future I will say yes...

Love, peace and it's part of my job...

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