Day 277 of 365

It is official, I have assessed and I am now a COT. Ok, I was already a COT but I am done with the assessment stuff. So very excited still about this amazing opportunity to broaden my horizon and learn some new things and still be a part of training. What could make this day even better? Yes, I had another cupcake! LOL! Yummy for my tummy but bad for the waist line. One of my co-workers is using the trailer as guinea pigs for her cupcake creations. Today, yellow cake, cream cheese icing and guava filling. Delicious!

I am learning so much this week and I know I have a ton more to learn but I am so happy. I am truly looking forward to helping develop our new trainers and learning more about my new area and building relationships with my fellow cast members.

What I hope to gain from this is a better understanding of our cultural representative program... mentoring my new trainers in hopes that they too can live out their Disney Dreams... Making a difference in not only my new area, but the trailer where I work, Epcot itself and even Disney. I'm not sure where this role will take me, but I know it's going to be great!

Love, peace and off to neverland!

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