Day 276 of 365

Talk about a nite of brain farts... I just can't seem to focus. I call it kitten confusion. The kittens are so cute that I can't focus on what I want to write about. Mom and I are trying to litter box train the babies and it is very hard, because the minute they wake up or finish eating we have to put them in the litter box. So, you can probably see why I have a lack of focus. 

Plus, I have survived another day of COT training. Today I got to do a little more on the computer, I visited one of my locations, I got to attend my first official Taco Tuesday, did some mind numbing e-learning and I had yet another cupcake. :)

Sorry, I had another Kitten break. Zazzy had to have her turn in the litter box. She scratched once, but nothing... I will keep trying. I think it is easier to teach a toddler to go on the potty than a kitten, that's for sure. 

I remember having kittens when I was little, in fact we had two mommas that had litters around the same time, but I don't remember them being around a long time after, so this is kind of new to me. So, I guess I better wrap it up, I really wish i have some pearl of wisdom for today. 

Love, peace and potty training...

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