Day 275 of 365

Today I started my new Chapter in my Disney Career. Today was my first day of on the Job Training as a Coordinator of Training at Epcot. Many people I work with don't understand the difference between a Core and a COT, so here it is.

As a Core trainer, my job responsibilities were to train new Cast coming into Epcot in Merchandise locations throughout the park. We also assist with keeping the current cast trained when there are updates to the areas, or State Mandated Regulatory. 

As a Coordinator of Training, I schedule the Area Trainers or the Core Trainers and their trainees for their on the job training. I also track what e-learning is due for my area. I partner with my Area to ensure all of our cast are trained properly and also to help find new trainers for the area as well; among other things. 

Some friends have asked if I will miss training? Maybe, but I will still be training in other ways. I will still facilitate classes for safety on occasion and new trainer classes as well. Plus I want to mentor new trainers like my original COT did for me, and still does.  ;) 

Another huge part of today was the celebration of Epcot's 30th Anniversary. I had the opportunity to go to a few presentations today featuring Disney Legend, Marty Sklar, and Disney Imaginear, Tony Baxter. It made me really appreciate my role at Disney even more and especially made me proud to work at Epcot. My favorite thing Marty said today was about the Engineers and construction workers that helped build Epcot. He said that he has worked with a lot of these people throughout the years and the one's that worked on Universal won't tell you, but if they worked on Epcot, they will definitely tell you. That's because even they know that they were part of something special 

And that's how I feel everyday when I drive into work; that I am part of something truly special...

Happy 30th Epcot!

Love, peace and many more years to come...

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