Day 271 of 365

What a great day I had with the BFF and Mom. We have had a rough couple of months when it has come to being able to spend time together and now we are going to face a similar challenge with my new role at work; so today was just so refreshing and I am really looking forward to tomorrow as well.

So very many times we spend too much time worrying about what are we going to do next and where do you want to go, I don't know where do you want to go, that when you end up somewhere that wasn't really a part of the original plan the day just gets better.

We had many laughs today, despite the soreness I was feeling from my almost 5K walk this morning, Mom's battle with a cold and BFF's mild sleepiness. Even when we couldn't decide where we were going to go for dinner...We drove through a rain storm, only to do turn arounds after finally deciding to go to Tijuana Flats instead of Taco Bell and than driving right back into the storm as it headed the direction we were traveling.

The craziest moments tonight were seeing all of the lightening strikes.... The wildest one was as we drove down the road an electrical line on the other side of the road from us was struck and a huge blue light burn brightly and then went out. CRAZY!!!!

The funniest moment? Mom finds Puffs on sale at the store 10 for $10 and finds that there are ones with Vicks already in them and so she decides she better try them first and proceeds to open a package and use one! Lol! Needless to say she bought that box but the 9 others were just plain Puffs with lotion.

As I look back on the events of the day, I realize what was so great is that we were so relaxed. It felt comfortable, not forced and that's what happens when we communicate our wants and needs.

Love, peace and communicate...

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