Day 269 of 365

Great day back to work finally. I was telling my leaders that I was so excited to be back and one of them said that I am the only cast member she has ever met that actually wanted to be back at work before my sick day was over or my vacation for that matter. I guess it's true, that when you find something you love, like a great job, you miss it when you are away.

So, I think I finally found the explanation as to why I love this job so much. The person in the world that can out it into words better than most...

Yep, Mr. Rogers...How many Big Kids grew up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and didn't dream about how fun it would be to meet Lady Aberlin or Mr. McFeely, or play with Daniel Stripped Tiger and Prince Tuesday or have a dance with the Purple Panda. Mr. Rogers and his friends taught us how to have fun and valuable lessons on how to treat friends, the one's we have known for years or the ones we have just met. We learned about diversity, that not everyone looks or acts the same but down deep we are all the same.

I think all of these reasons are why I love what I do. Especially because he taught us that through playing we can truly learn. If we aren't having fun, it's much harder to learn. So keep having fun and don't stop learning...

Love, peace and won't you please, won't you please, please won't you be my neighbor...

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