Day 267 of 365

Can't believe I am sick. :( It isn't horrible but it's not great either. My nose is stuffy off and on, I have been sleeping a ton and yet I am still tired. Thankfully my throat isn't as sore as it was. I remember when I was a kid and calling out sick was supposedly a fun thing, but how can it be? You either spend the day sleeping or laying on the couch watching mindless TV.

So I am going to attempt to make it to work tomorrow, I hate not being there, because I love it so much; however, at the same time I don't want to pass this on to anyone else if I can help it. Sorry Mom. Also, my body needs time to rest and recover so I will listen to my body and make the decision tomorrow.

To all of you that sent me congrats on my new position at work, thank you. I am so excited and can't wait to begin this new journey.

Love, peace and rest...

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