Day 265 of 365

What an incredible day! Mom and I were able to go and spend the day with some old co-workers at Universal. Mom's first visit. It was so fun. So many laughs and stories. New experiences all around. However the end of the day wasn't so smooth.

As soon as Mom walked in the door she went to go check on the kittens and of course two of them are missing from the box. So a wild search followed. I called out for the kittens and in the silence there was a tiny meow, so I called out again and I received the same response. That's when it hit me, the kittens were under my bed. I hit the floor and looked under only to see the under covering of my box spring sagging. Gabriel had found a whole at one time and would go in it and lay down when he was scared. So as it turned out, Sammi found that same whole and put the babies in there to hide them. Well, because my bed is only about six to eight inches off the ground I couldn't reach but half way, so Mom decided she was going to lay on the floor on the other side and see if we could coax the two kittens one way or the other. Finally Mom was able to get both kittens and so I went around to grab them and take them back to their box. I then headed back into my room to help Mom up. We weren't very far along getting Mom up when Mom heard another Meow and low and behold one of the kittens magically reappeared under my bed along with Sammi. She is one fast Mommy; so Mom grabbed that kitten and I went and returned it. This time I closed my room door and then went to helping Mom up off of the floor.

So far everyone is resting comfortably in the box, but we are going to have to do something to fix that whole and soon, so we don't have a repeat.

Love, peace and secret hideaways...

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