Day 262 of 365

Sometimes we let our mind get a head of us and we start losing faith. So very often we get so caught up in the moment and we allow the negatives to start to overwhelm our thoughts and we start doubting ourselves. That is what I have been struggling with this past few days and it was such a God moment when I logged into FB tonight and saw this great play on the "Keep Calm" signs.

In those times when life starts getting crazy, that is when we should be slowing down, stepping back, allowing ourselves some time to take stock of what is happening. What I forget to do so many times is ask God for His will to be done.

So right now I am going to ask God to go before me in this situation I am struggling with and if it is His will that I begin a new chapter in my life, than He will let me know loud and clear; and until that happens I will continue to Keep Calm.

Love, peace and Have Faith...

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