Day 254 of 365

11 years ago, Tuesday, September 11th, our lives were forever changed when our country was attacked. I was in North Hudson, Wisconsin visiting my family. When I awoke that morning I remember going into the living room where my Aunt and Uncle were sitting watching CNN with the emergency report that a plane had struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46am and just 17 minutes later, at 9:03am,  a second plane hit the South Tower. At 9:37am a third plane crashed into the Pentagon killing the 59 passengers on board and 125 military and civilian personnel.

We all sat in awe not quite realizing or understanding what was happening. How could this be, how could America be under attack? Believing this was all over my Mom and I prayed for the families and then went to visit a friend. While my Mom visited I continued to watch the reports on our friends TV.

At 9:57am the South Tower collapsed in just 10 seconds killing approximately 600 employees and first responders. Again we sat speechless. Just 4 minutes later, 10:03am, Flight 93, the fourth of the Hijacked planes crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania; a mere 20 minutes from Washington DC, killing the 40 passengers on board.

At 10:15am, the E-ring of the Pentagon collapsed, thankfully no one was killed. However, at 10:28am, 1 hour and 42 minutes after the initial crash, the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed.

In total nearly 3000 individuals representing 93 Nations were killed on that day... but I could  not cry...

In October of 2003, just two years after, my Mom and I visited ground zero. I remember there was an eerie quiet in the area, even though it was under construction, rebuilding the future. The subway was just reopened and running. We went into a building around the ground zero area where we could look down into the emptiness that used to contain those mighty towers. Upon looking at what remained the reality hit me and I began to cry. I cried for the loss of the lives...

As we remember this day, from eleven years ago, please remember to pray for the surviving families, pray for our country, pray for our leaders and never forget that we are still America. The Land of the Free and the home of the brave.

Love, peace and God Bless America

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