Day 253 of 365

When guests over step boundaries... So weird thing happened today. I was standing outside of Mouse Gear with my co-trainer and our five trainees when a older guest came over to us, put her left arm around me and her right hand on my stomach while her friend took our photo. I was a little confused and when I turned to my cast they asked if I knew the guest. When I said no, they were all as in shock as I was. To day I was taken aback by this is an understatement. The only thing I can think of is that maybe she thought I was a celebrity or someone she knew. I thought the ladies were Indian, but my co thought they were Asian, so I found three of our ICP's that are from China and South Korea to ask if this was customary in their countries. When I explained what happened the girls looked horrified. They all said that the act of putting your arm around a stranger and putting your hand on their stomach is quite rude. So the mystery continues...

Love, peace and drive by photos...

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